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About US

Our company was founded by Laurie, who struggled with managing psoriasis starting from a young age. Laurie came across the benefits of goat milk and natural soaps, and decided to give it a try. After trying a few different brands that didn't quite seem to deliver the benefits they promised, Laurie decided to try making it on her own. After a lot of experimenting, researching and class taking, Laurie developed a recipe that completely eliminated the psoriasis on her arms and body. Laurie's passion for creating soap and beauty products stems from her own personal struggles with managing psoriasis, and she hopes to share her product and help others so they do not have to keep struggling with discomfort like she did.

All of our products are made in small batches right here in Texas. We are proud to say we use all natural ingredients, including the goats milk which is harvested by hand right here in our ranch. We promise to deliver you a product that you can feel confident using. We are a small business on a mission to provide safe and healthy products you can feel great about providing to your family.

Kid Feeding Goats


To create nourishing, handmade products that are made with natural ingredients - free from chemical fillers, preservatives, and artificial fragrances and ingredients.


To create a legacy and help others suffering with skin and hair issues. We hope to educate others on the damaging ingredients in popular products that can potentially be harming their skin and hair, and offer a better, more natural solution.

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